Ren Kawashiri from JO1 <F.A.E.P. exclusive interview>②


―― You always come off as very professional in your appearances, so is there anything you take care of in particular throughout your work?

R: I always remind myself that “someone is watching” you, which makes me always focus on showing my best sides.

―― What has changed the most for you since you debuted? For example, wearing a mask, sunglasses and a hat to not get recognized, and are you still able to go out casually and not get recognized?

R: Before the stay home requirements happened, I would occasionally go out, and thanks to that I’ve started to wear hats. I’m not the type to usually wear hats, because I feel weird wearing something on my head… But now, I still get recognized going out sometimes, and to prevent any troubles from people crowding around all of a sudden in a store or wherever, I definitely wear a hat to not stand out as much.

―― Were there any artists that you always listened to before debuting, or still listen to now? Maybe in the future if you could collaborate with any of them, who would you like to work with?

R: I’ve always been a big fan of SEVENTEEN. From their performances, to their songs, I like everything that they do, especially Woozi since he is also writes song for the group, I’d love Woozi to make a song for JO1 sometime in the future.

―― Being the professional you are, I’m sure there’s no issue with performances for you now, but is there anything else about being in the music industry that you still are having trouble getting used to or want to improve?

R: I’m usually calm and collected all the time, but the other day we filmed a dokkiri (a prank on TV) show and I didn’t get surprised at all. My manager had pointed out my lack of reaction, so next time I hope they try to pull an even bigger, shocking surprise on me. (laughs)

―― Since your debut, the world has been overtaken by COVID-19 and you and the group are not able to do all the promotions you had probably hoped to, but is there anything you gained from the unexpected down time at home?

R: I’m still practicing, but I’ve started playing around with a keyboard piano, and getting used to the sounds and having fun with it, so if I keep practicing it in the future I can make a song for JO1.


―― Since you live with all the other members in the same apartment complex, are there any pros or cons to living so close to the other members?

R: For pros, whenever someone sleeps in for work, another member and ring their doorbell and wake them up right away. As for cons, Syoya lives right above me and Junki beside him and the sounds of their footsteps are always super loud, so I hope they will stop being so noisy!

―― You are known for being a gamer and an even bigger Ditto fan, but how often do you actually play video games? Are you able to spend a full night gaming? If there’s any other games you’re into (console or smartphone), please let us know!

R: All night gaming is not really my thing, but whenever we have a few hours between work schedules or at the end of the day, I usually jump right into gaming. Nowadays consoles can be portable and still continue playing at home on a big screen, so any free time I usually start playing something. Recently, Sukai really likes playing “Identity V”, which is a sort of survival horror game. He really loves it and told me “Let’s play it together”. I used to play it before, so I started playing it again with him recently.

―― When the world goes back to normal, and all travel restrictions have been eased, where do you want to go first and what do you want to do?

R: I want to hold a concert! Please let us play at the Fukuoka PayPay Dome sometime!

―― Considering your growing international popularity as an international boyband, you must feel a language barrier with your non-Japanese fans. Are there any languages you’re trying to learn now or would like to learn in the future?

R: One day I wish I could have natural conversations with international JAMs, so I’m slowly starting to pick up English and Korean. We already have a member who knows Korean, and other members are learning English and Mandarin. Since there are 11 of us, the more languages we learn, the more we can communicate with people from other countries whenever we have concerts or interviews and the like. For now while we keep social distance and restrict our external promotion activities, we are working our hardest to achieve these linguistic goals little by little. I chose to pick up Korean because a lot of people from our company (Lapone) and one member can help me communicate that way, but I would also like to learn Mandarin too.

―― Even if you are a boys group, you do have a lot of male fans too. Please let us know how you feel about your male JAMs!

R: Of course I’m happy to have many female fans, but to be supported and looked up to by guys is something that makes me feel really good about myself, so to all the male JAMs out there, don’t be shy in supporting us as loud as you can! At least I’ll be very happy with it. (laughs)

―― Finally, could you give all your Fukuoka and Kyushu fans one last encouraging message.

R: This is Ren Kawashiri, the Kyushu native representative of the group. Although the world is still going through tough times these days, we hope that the 11 of us in JO1 can help bring even a little bit of positivity and happiness to the world through our music, so keep supporting us from now on too! Thanks for everything!!






Born: March 2nd, 1997
Blood type: O
Hometown: Fukuoka
Height: 173cm (5’7”)




<初回限定盤A(CD +DVD(特典映像 メイキング+JO1 School)>

¥1,727(税抜) / ¥1,900(税込) 品番:YRCS-90181
2、So What
3、KungChiKiTa(JO1 ver.)
4、My Friends
<初回限定盤B(CD +フォトブックレット)>

¥1,727(税抜) / ¥1,900(税込) 品番:YRCS-90182
2、Voice (君の声)
4、My Friends

¥1,273(税抜) / ¥1,400(税込) 品番:YRCS-90183
2、So What
3、Voice (君の声)
4、My Friends





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